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2013 La Crema Pinot Gris, Monterey

Balanced and melded, this wine is nicely perfumed, with notes of ripe apple, Anjou pear, honeydew melon and a twist of lemon. Broasted chicken or white fish dishes would make sublime pairing partners for this cool-climate Pinot Gris. MSRP: $20… Read more

2013 J Vineyards, Pinot Gris, California

A vibrant nose of white flowers, honey, lime, banana and papaya — tropical fruit, in general — leads to a plush, juicy mouthfeel that invites sip after refreshing sip. California’s Clarksburg, Lodi, North Coast and Monterey AVAs all… Read more

2012 Byron Chardonnay, Santa Maria Valley

This nicely balanced wine showcases tiers of flavors, including vanilla, butter, not-quite-ripe pineapple, poached apple and baking spices. Its finish echoes the butter and spiced fruit impressions, a nod to the nine months that the wine spent in… Read more

2012 J. Lohr ‘Highlands Bench’ Chardonnay, Santa Lucia Highlands

There are examples of red and white winegrape varieties being blended with sublime results. In France’s Rhone Valley, a splash of Viognier often is added to Syrah. In the world of sparkling wine, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are common blending… Read more

2012 J. Lohr ‘October Night’ Chardonnay, Arroyo Seco

Young wines that utilize a good deal of new French oak in their aging regimen — in this case, nearly half of the barrels — often present themselves in “parts.” You can taste the oak… then you can taste some fruit… then you may taste some… Read more

2012 J. Lohr ‘Arroyo Vista’ Chardonnay, Arroyo Seco

Lush and complex, the nose offers up aromas of buttered toast, baking spices, ripe apple, peach and lemon zest. There’s a full, palate-coating viscosity in the mouth, leaving a lingering spiced butter afterflavor, while a good thread of citric… Read more

2013 Avant Chardonnay, California

Clear straw color. Moderate scents of citrus, green apple, and pineapple lead to a medium-bodied, rounded mouthfeel that is more fruit-forward. This is an excellent aperitif wine, as it goes down oh-so-easily. MSRP: $17 (May 2014) Wine Lines… Read more

2013 Avant Sauvignon Blanc, California

Brilliant light straw color. Fresh and vibrant in the nose, delivering zesty lime, tangerine blossom, passion fruit, a note of banana, and cool minerality. Some light chalkiness appears towards the finish. This is a perfect wine for lighter fare… Read more

2013 Brancott Estate ‘Flight Song’ Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand

With wine, what you smell is what you taste, for the most part. This bottling, however, has a nose that promises a lot, but doesn’t deliver completely on the palate. Light straw in hue, with a glint of emerald, its aroma spectrum includes bell… Read more

2013 Brancott Estate ‘Flight Song’ Pinot Grigio, Marlborough, New Zealand

Surprisingly flavorful for a reduced-alcohol wine, this off-dry Pinot Grigio is light straw in color. There’s good acid in the mouth, creating a juicy and refreshing environment for the ripe apple and banana essence, hint of lime and sense of… Read more