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No. 1 Wine of 2012: Defying All Odds, We Have the Possibility of a ‘Three-peat’

If Pat Riley, erstwhile coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, were the winemaker at Patz & Hall, right about now he’d be running around and yelling, “Three-peat! Three-peat!” Although he did not coin the phrase, Riley did trademark it —... Read more

No. 2 Wine of 2012: A ‘Grand Cru’ Chardonnay… from California

In France, Burgundy is the Chardonnay capital. Within Burgundy, 33 vineyards have been granted the designation, “Grand Cru.” It’s the most prestigious classification available in that appellation. It should be noted that the term does not... Read more

No. 3 Wine of 2012: A Sublime Pinot Noir from a Famous Vineyard

It would be difficult to imagine a more well-rounded person than James MacPhail, the maker of Wine Lines Online’s No. 3 wine of 2012 — the 2010 MacPhail Family Winery Pinot Noir from the famed Sangiacomo Vineyard. He is a nationally ranked... Read more

No. 4 Wine of 2012: Tasting History

Many vintners who own or have access to venerable grapevines are not shy about sharing that information with consumers. They’ll include verbiage such as “Old Vine” or “Ancient Vine” right on the front labels of their bottles. Why is the... Read more

No. 5 Wine of 2012: This ‘J’ Gets an ‘A’ for Elegance and Nuance

The “J” in the J Vineyards and Winery name stands for Jordan. It also could stand for “Judy,” as Judy Jordan is the woman behind the winery, which she founded in 1986, opting to follow her own path rather than remaining in the Jordan Winery... Read more

No. 6 Wine of 2012: An ‘Old School’ Chardonnay That’s All About Quality… Not ‘Chasing Numbers’

Make a list of the “Top 10 Wineries of the Napa Valley,” and Freemark Abbey would have to be on it. Ted Edwards has been crafting wines there since 1985, and while the estate is best known for its “Claret-style” renditions of Cabernet... Read more

No. 7 Wine of 2012: Keep Your Head Down and Your Knees Slightly Flexed When Drinking This Wine

On a golf course, when one hits an errant shot that could possibly strike another player on another fairway or green, it’s customary to shout out, “Fore!” In Paso Robles, Calif., the Jardine Vineyard — which supplied the grapes for Vina... Read more

No. 8 Wine of 2012: From the Man Who Made Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc Famous

There have been many champions of Sauvignon Blanc through the years, and two of the most influential, without question, are Robert Mondavi and Kevin Judd. The late Mondavi, one of the true pioneers of the California wine industry, was a very good... Read more

No. 9 Wine of 2012: ‘Endeavouring’ to Craft a World-Class Cabernet in the Dry Creek Valley

Dry Creek Vineyard built its reputation on Sauvignon Blanc, has long been a champion of Chenin Blanc, and also makes several bottlings of Dry Creek Valley’s most famous varietal — Zinfandel. But it earned its spot on Wine Lines Online’s Top... Read more

No. 10 Wine of 2012: An Austrian Variety Crafted by a French Vintner… in California

Wine Lines Online’s countdown of the Top 10 Wines of 2012 begins in California’s Edna Valley, a Central Coast region that’s best known for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. That said, our No. 10 wine is neither Chardonnay nor Pinot Noir. Nor is it... Read more