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2009 Sebastien Riffault ‘Raudonas,’ Sancerre, Loire Valley, France

Riffault's wines are made in the most natural of styles, without fining, chemicals or added sulfur. As a result, they're always interesting -- and even more interesting with age (one might say, an experiment). Three-four years later, this wine is... Read more

2010 Sebastien Riffault 2010 ‘Raudonas,’ Sury-En-Vaux, Sancerre, France

“Raudonas” means “red” in Lithuanian, and what more could you want out of a shockingly easy to drink pinot noir? Vibrantly expressive in the mouth with hints of cherry, exotic spice, and baked fruit. Elegant structure coupled with judicious... Read more

2003 Sebastien Riffault ‘Skeveldra,’ Sury-En-Vaux, Sancerre, France

Those that believe you can’t age natural wine are sorely mistaken. Sebastien is a “zero sulfur” producer, and yet his wines – with care and attention – can become even more complex and noble over time. Aging intensifies both the aromatic... Read more

2009 Sebastien Riffault ‘Akmenine,’ Sury-En-Vaux, Sancerre, France

Yellow pour is perhaps lighter than expected on the palate, with pears, golden raisins, herbs and hay. A hint of residual sugar fills the mouth. Serve at lunch with a crusty baguette, French seaweed butter, and fresh salt. Braised endives and a... Read more

2006 Sebastien Riffault ‘Auksinis,’ Sury-En-Vaux, Sancerre, France

Heady scents of the French countryside and wild yeasts power this sans-sulfites amber gem, which though packing a wallop of Johnny Smith apples, honeycomb and fresh sourdough is quite quaffable. MSRP: N/A Wine Lines Rating:... Read more

2009 Sebastien Riffault ‘Skeveldra,’ Sury-En-Vaux, Sancerre, France

The soil of Sancerre produces a range of distinct and delightful sauvignon blancs, and this is one of my favorites. Clean and refreshing due to the flinty soil (“Skeveldra” means stone in Lithuanian), with secondary aromatic characteristics that... Read more