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2014 Wakefield Estate Riesling, Clare Valley

Clear pale straw color. Varietal scents of apple, perfumed flowers, lemon, and lime lead to similar flavors in the mouth. As it warmed in the glass, a dash of rosewater emerged. Made dry and sporting an alcohol rating just shy of 12%, it is no... Read more

2013 Kendall-Jackson ‘Vintner’s Reserve’ Riesling, Monterey County

A pear blossom perfume gives way to effusive ripe peach and apricot in the nose. In the mouth, sweet orange emerges. In the past, many California Rieslings have been overblown, flabby and not particularly distinctive. Could this party in a glass... Read more

2013 Carmel Road ‘Unoaked’ Riesling, Monterey

Riesling from California often is made in a style that surrenders complexity for sweetness. This is not one of them. A mélange of fruit impressions — apricot, pineapple, Granny Smith apple, banana chip — waft in and out of the glass, leading to... Read more

2013 Wakefield ‘St. Andrews Single Vineyard Release’ Riesling, Clare Valley, Australia

A lightly effervescent wine possessing prickly acidity and slate-like minerality. Peach and tangerine aromas dominate the nose, and a floral quality (rosewater) emerges in the mouth after mid-palate, joined by a hint of varietal petroleum. Because... Read more

1999 Chateau St. Jean ‘Special Select Late Harvest’ Riesling, Belle Terre Vineyard, Alexander Valley

More than 14 years after it was made, this iconic Sonoma County dessert wine has taken on a Sauterne-like quality, lighter in the mouth than more recent vintages, kept fresh by its still-present acidity. Nearly identical in color to a sister... Read more

2006 Chateau St. Jean ‘Special Select Late Harvest’ Riesling, Belle Terre Vineyard, Alexander Valley

Brilliant deep amber in hue, this unctuous yet vibrant elixir offers oodles of concentrated, honeyed apricot in the nose, with whiffs of pine forest and orange zest. A crème brulee-like texture coats the mouth, adding a kiss of vanilla to the... Read more

2012 Peter Lehmann ‘Portrait’ Dry Riesling, Eden Valley, Australia

Many renditions of Riesling are light bodied and restricted to two or three flavor impressions. Not this one, which is medium bodied and palate coating, with engaging aromas and flavors of limestone, cantaloupe, apple and peach, joined by subtle... Read more

2012 Beast ‘Sphinx’ Riesling, Wallula Vineyard, Horse Heaven Hills, Washington

This wine has a lovely, sweet, perfumed nose of ripe apple and peach, along with a sense of tropical fruit and a splash of rosewater. It’s fairly weighty for a Riesling, with a good streak of acidity that makes it refreshing. The finish is clean... Read more

2012 Martin & Weyrich ‘Allegro’ Riesling, California

Lightly effervescent pale straw color. This white entices the nose with layers of fruit aromas, from pear to peach and nectarine, complemented by a high note of clove spice. It’s nicely balanced in the mouth, showing sassy acidity to keep the 3.6%... Read more

2012 J. Lohr ‘Bay Mist’ White Riesling, Monterey County

A pale straw color, with light effervescence. The engaging nose delivers sweet grilled pineapple, stone fruit, pear, and a smidgen of banana. The lightly sweet residual sugar in the mouth is complemented by ample acidity and a prickly sparkle. The... Read more