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2011 Emmanuel Houillon (Maison Pierre Overnoy) Poulsard Arbois Pupillin, Jura, France

Overnoy, for better or worse, is in such demand (and in such little quantity) that it is virtually impossible to acquire in the U.S. without 1) a chance encounter in a handful of wine stores shortly after release 2) a dedicated source, such as a... Read more

2010 Pierre Overnoy Chardonnay, Arbois, Jura, France

As posted previously, the wines of Pierre Overnoy (or I should say, Emmanuel Houillon, who now runs the estate) are something of a cult item. Of course, they are also nearly impossible to get in the U.S., unless you live in New York -- and even... Read more

NV Pierre Overnoy Cremant du Jura, Pupillin, Jura

Pierre Overnoy, like Jacques Puffeney, is esteemed as a pope of the Jura. But like many French producers of "vins naturale," the vast majority of his stock never makes it to the States. Instead, most ends up on the lists of Paris' hippest wine... Read more