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2011 Artezin ‘Heitz Ranch’ Charbono, Napa Valley

Charbono is one of those under-the-radar and under-appreciated varieties that deserves a higher profile. Inglenook’s bottling had a cult following for decades, but only a handful of California wineries make Charbono today, as fewer than 100 acres... Read more

2011 Arnot-Roberts Trousseau Luchsinger Vineyard, North Coast

Trousseau from California? Is it true? Indeed it is, and this entry from Arnot-Roberts could easily be mistaken for many wines in the Jura. Fennel pollen, wild strawberry and watermelon on the nose, with a touch of mentholated spruce. Ripe melon,... Read more

2011 Emmanuel Houillon (Maison Pierre Overnoy) Poulsard Arbois Pupillin, Jura, France

Overnoy, for better or worse, is in such demand (and in such little quantity) that it is virtually impossible to acquire in the U.S. without 1) a chance encounter in a handful of wine stores shortly after release 2) a dedicated source, such as a... Read more

2012 YoYo ‘La Tranchee’ Banyuls-sur-Mer, France

"YoYo" -- Laurance Manya -- is producing excellent, affordable table wine in a lesser known region, from a tiny plot of land and from rented parcels. La Tranchee is a surprisingly quaffable 100 percent Grenache wine; it's light and delicate on the... Read more

2009 Benedicte and Stephane Tissot Trousseau, Jura, France

When people talk about Jura wines available in the U.S., Stephane Tissot's name often pops up. A favorite of sommeliers and some in-the-know restaurant wine lists, his wines are almost universally of a certain quality -- he's a producer you can... Read more

2010 Jacques Puffeney Poulsard “M” Arbois Rouge, Jura, France

Puffeney is perhaps the Jura region's most recognizable name, and his wines rarely disappoint. His single parcel Poulsard is no exception, with a high strung acidity and a nose of violets, freeze-dried raspberries, Mediterranean herbs and cedar. A... Read more

2005 Feudi della Medusa Cannonnau di Sardenia

Better known as Grenache, Cannonnau wouldn't probably be my first choice for a single-varietal wine from Sardinia. But in this case it works, making for an unusual wine destined for some legendary food-pairings. Smoke, garrigue and even a bit of... Read more

2010 Domaine de la Pinte Arbois Poulsard de l’Ami Karl, Jura, France

Easy drinking and supple after a light chill, this Poulsard has Merlot-esque smooth tannins and a nice enveloping wood-aging note that reins in acidity and cherry-raspberry fruit. MSRP: $21.99 (October 2012) Wine Lines Rating:... Read more

2010 Louis Antoine Luyt Empedrado Carignan, Maule, Chile

As if natural Chilean wine wasn’t unusual enough, here’s a natural Chilean wine – a Carignan, no less – that is absolutely silky smooth and easy to drink. At 12.9 percent alcohol, it is more Old than New World, reflecting the profile of its... Read more

2010 Azienda Vinicola Calabretta ‘Gaio Gaio’ Rosso, Mt. Etna, Sicily, Italy

At only 11.5 percent alcohol, this Rosso is impossibly easy to drink. But in stark contrast to some easy to drink wines, the “Gaio Gaio” (“Joy Joy”) is also complex. The opening is a veritable forest of flavor, with crushed red berries,... Read more