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2016 Marche Bacchus Lunch Series has Auspicious Debut

By Glen Frederiksen For several years, we at Wine Lines Online have touted the quality and value of the Marche Bacchus wine events – Saturday tastings at the bar, winery dinners, and wine sampling luncheons. Still, you never know whether the... Read more

Dinner With A Friend

By Glen Frederiksen One of my favorite parts of the world wine community is the camaraderie that we all share with one another. I know of no other special interest group that reaches out to make new friends as easily as those who profess a... Read more

Holiday Wine, Part 2 – More Sparkling Wines

By Glen Frederiksen What with the Holiday season upon us and all, it is a little hard to stay focused on the job at hand. Work commitments, shopping, family, friends, and celebratory parties all conspire to keep the diligent wine blogger from... Read more

Marché Bacchus Wine Lunches, Year 2

By Glen Frederiksen Last winter, there were a series of wine lunches presented at Marché Bacchus restaurant in Las Vegas. They were great fun, and a stone bargain besides. With the coming of spring, they disappeared. I wondered if they would... Read more

Old Friends: Sonoma-Cutrer and Winemaker Mick Schroeter

By Glen Frederiksen For thirty years, I have followed my wine muse. She has taken me to wine education classes, to wineries all over the world, to numerous wine clubs and tasting groups, to dozens of wine dinners, and many wine tasting events.... Read more

Marche Bacchus Wine Dinner: Husic Vineyards

Frank Husic discusses his wines with the gathered dinersBy Glen Frederiksen One of my favorite things about being a wino and a foodie is that there are always unsavored pleasures awaiting discovery. What better way to experience new gustatory... Read more

Clos du Val Wine Dinner at Marche Bacchus

By Glen Frederiksen A quarter of a century ago, when I was just beginning my journey in the world of wine, I would spend many a long weekend traveling the roads of Napa and Sonoma counties, sopping up as many new wine experiences as my liver... Read more

Marché Bacchus: Raising the (Wine) Bar in Las Vegas

By Glen Frederiksen I have written in the past about the fabulous food at Marché Bacchus restaurant and wine shop. Since the demise of Rosemary’s restaurant, it is (in Your Humble Scribe’s opinion) the most exciting food one can find in our... Read more

Mad For Marche Bacchus

By Mary Frederiksen Last week, Glen and I dined at another top restaurant here in Las Vegas. We feel it is our mission to try as many great restaurants as we can before we become too old to enjoy them. It is a tough assignment, but someone has to... Read more