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2008 Frank Cornelissen Munjabel 8 Bianco, Mt. Etna, Sicily, Italy

Cornelissen, as I've blogged about before, makes some of the most unique, interesting wines on the planet. They are "love it or hate it" wines -- deeply reflective of a time and place, but so different and unusual that they may scare off less... Read more

2011 Frank Cornelissen ‘Susucaru 4,’ Mt. Etna, Sicily, Italy

Frank Cornelissen makes the kind of wine I adore -- and other people frequently (and quite literally) turn their noses up at. Cornelissen's wines, vinified from a combination of white and red grapes that grow on the side of the volcano, are not... Read more

2009 Frank Cornelissen ‘Contadino 8’ Rosso, Mt. Etna, Italy

Frank Cornelissen’s wines don’t just have “a bit” of a cult following – they are more like the definition of “love-hate.” Count me in the first camp, as I find Cornelissen’s unfiltered, no-sulfur added bottlings delightfully peculiar... Read more