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2009 Dashe Cellars ‘Late Harvest’ Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley

Translucent dark ruby in hue, this Port-like dessert wine shows apricot compote, black pepper and pretty black cherry aromas. Rich, mouth-filling and easy-drinking, it opens to reveal a spiced cranberry jelly flavor, and has some fine-grained,... Read more

2008 Brys Estate ‘Dry Ice’ Ice Wine, Michigan

Good ice wine alone might be worth braving a few Midwest winters. This one shows classic creme brulee characteristics, with a lovely marriage of vanilla-inflected citrus fruit, jammed apricots and brown sugar goodness. The finish is long - very... Read more

2010 Pomar Junction Reserve Late Harvest Viognier, Paso Robles

Deep brilliant amber color. Aromas and flavors of honeyed nectarines and apricots that carry through to a toffee finish that stays in your mouth, seemingly forever. This is dessert in a glass. MSRP: $85/500 ml. (August 2012) Wine Lines rating:... Read more

2009 Christian Lazo Zinfandel, Paso Robles

Other than the fact that this comes in a 375-ml bottle (and sports a hefty 18.3% alcohol level), there is nothing to indicate that this is a fortified, dessert-style Zinfandel. But, what the heck — it’s delicious! Nearly opaque dark ruby color.... Read more

2009 Dashe Cellars ‘Late Harvest’ Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley

Opaque purple-black color. Enticing aromas of black raspberry syrup, Christmas cake candied fruits, pepper and cocoa. Beautiful, sweet candied berry fruit in the mouth, with an exquisite mouthfeel and presence — not cloying at all. Each sip just... Read more

2003 Ch. Latour Blanche Sauternes, Bordeaux

Monster numbers from the big-name wine critics blew this off the shelves upon release. Perhaps it is in a dumb stage right now, or the bottle was a little off. Anyhoo, the ample honeyed tropical and stone fruit notes were at odds with a terpene... Read more

2010 Quady Red Electra Muscat, California

Add some Black Muscat to Orange Muscat and — voila! — you have Red Electra. The color is a transparent neon raspberry with shadings of violet. The nose has a dark floral edge to it, showing roses, honeysuckle and geranium, along with dark berry... Read more

2010 Quady Electra Orange Muscat, California

Clear medium straw color, with a light fizz. A sugary-sweet nose of fresh honey, geranium and orange marmalade lead to a syrupy sweetness in the mouth and flavors that echo the honey and orange marmalade. This is the perfect wine to have with a... Read more

2010 Salt of the Earth Flore de Moscato, California

For more than three decades, winemaker Andrew Quady has been producing some of the best sweet Muscats and Port-style wines in the United States. This one (a blend of Orange Muscat and Muscat Canelli) demonstrates the aroma and flavor profile of the... Read more

2003 Fattoria Cabanon ‘Oro’ Passito, Pavia, Italy

Hazy brown, almost liquorish -- until the smell, a powerful whiff of strawberries and cream, vanilla, maple bourbon caramel and wildflower honey with very little apparent alcohol. Like the best passito-styled wines, this isn't necessarily a dessert... Read more