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NV Camelot Cabernet Sauvignon, California

Translucent neon ruby color. A bouquet of smoked herbs leads to sharp berry and high-toned bell pepper impressions. Light in the mouth and simple, the flavor trails away at the finish. Pair this wine with a roast beef sandwich, or try it with a... Read more

NV Camelot Merlot, California

Nearly transparent neon ruby color. Sweet aromas of dusty cherry and milk chocolate play off of darker berry fruits and a bright note of herbs. The wine has a light palate presence, with moderate tannins. An easy-drinking red at a great everyday... Read more

NV Camelot Pinot Noir, California

Neon pink cherry color. Aromas of cherries found in canned fruit cocktail, along with strawberry candy. The wine picks up a silty earthiness in the mouth. Sweet and simple — like a cartoon version of Pinot Noir. For a wine newbie, this is a good... Read more

NV Camelot Chardonnay, California

Straw color. Surprisingly fresh aromas of peach and citrus, with a dollop of cream. Smooth and creamy in the mouth, with enough juicy acidity to balance the sweetness. All in all, a clean, pleasing white at a bargain price. MSRP: $7 (January... Read more

2002 Camelot Shiraz, California

Medium-bodied, with smooth red berry fruits along with whiffs of mint and pepper. An easy-drinking style of red that won’t break the pocketbook. MSRP: $8 (May 2005) Wine Lines rating:... Read more