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2008 Brys Estate ‘Dry Ice’ Ice Wine, Michigan

Good ice wine alone might be worth braving a few Midwest winters. This one shows classic creme brulee characteristics, with a lovely marriage of vanilla-inflected citrus fruit, jammed apricots and brown sugar goodness. The finish is long - very... Read more

2011 Brys Estate Gewurztraminer, Michigan

Spicy-sweet with a dollop of creamy lychee fruit and rose water. There's a lot going on here for the price; pineapple, basil, orange rind, coriander, pickled gherkin, honeysuckle and a lovely, sustained finish that isn't at all cloying. Calling the... Read more

2010 Brys Estate Merlot Reserve, Michigan

Tasty and smooth vanilla berry, Rainier cherry and roasted plum notes, but unfortunately short on the finish. A touch of oak thanks to 14-months aging in traditional French barrels adds a hint of complexity, but this would still be best paired with... Read more

2010 Brys Estate Cabernet Franc Reserve, Michigan

When it comes to Michigan red wines on the Upper Peninsula, there's an unmistakable terroir in the nose -- something a bit gamey and unusual for New World wines. Perhaps there is still an element of rusticism that has not been entirely carved out... Read more

2011 Brys Estate Dry Riesling, Michigan

German varietals thrive on the Upper Peninsula, evidenced by this faintly sweet Riesling that delivers a summer harvest of white peach and nectarine. Few wines emulate the noble Georgia peach better than this, with its unmistakable flavor,... Read more

2010 Brys Estate Artisan Chardonnay, Michigan

The "Artisan" series Chardonnay is the Brys Estate's only non-filtered wine, with a degree more complexity and robustness than its unoaked, "Naked" cousin. It's still extremely accessible though and not a butter-bomb by any stretch of the... Read more

2011 Brys Estate Pinot Noir, Michigan

California and Oregon might get all the attention for New World Pinot Noir, but if this newly released Michigan wine is any indication, they might have something on their hands off the coast of the Upper Peninsula. The nose here is almost like... Read more

2011 Brys Estate ‘Naked’ Chardonnay, Michigan

Unoaked Chardonnay highlights the best of what Old-World styling can do to New World grapes. Fragrant aromas of white spring blossoms and tropical fruit, with a smooth, faintly creamy finish. This is sure to delight even picky dinner party guests,... Read more

2011 Brys Estate Pinot Blanc, Michigan

Light, delicate aromas of ripe pear that fade softly into puckery apple and citrus in the mouth. Muted, short finish of sweet lemon curd. Round and very drinkable, but there's not much complexity here. MSRP: $24 (August 2012) Wine Lines Rating:... Read more