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Fans of Fortified Wine Should Get to Know Blandy’s

By Glen Frederiksen Quick now: Name the three most common fortified wines. For most, it is fairly easy to tick off the top two. Port, whether made in Portugal or in any number of New World appellations, quickly comes to mind. Likewise,... Read more

NV Blandy’s ‘Malmsey’ 10 Years Old Madeira

Deep tawny color to the rim; while not cloudy, there is a clearly deeper color here than in other bottlings reviewed (from additional suspended particulate matter). The forward nose shows lots of dried orange peel, honeyed golden raisins, dried... Read more

NV Blandy’s ‘Malmsey’ 5 Years Old Madeira

Deep toffee color, lightening to amber at the rim. The nose is restrained, heightening the sensation of alcohol (19%). Moderate aromas of honeyed raisins, salt and roasted nuts lead to a much sweeter, fruit-laden mouth presence. There is an earthy... Read more

NV Blandy’s ‘Alvada’ 5 Years Old Madeira

A 50/50 blend of Malmsey and Bual grapes. Medium tawny color. Textbook aromas of salted nuts, orange rind, raisins and caramel lead to a sweet, honeyed, dried fruit and sea salt palate impression. The wine is not cloying at all; the strong acidity... Read more