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2007 Benziger Family Winery ‘Tribute,’ Sonoma Mountain

Does Biodynamic farming really make a difference in growing winegrapes, or is it merely a marketing ploy for selling wine? We’ve heard passionate arguments on both sides of this debate, but it would be difficult to argue against the worthiness of... Read more

2008 Benziger Family Winery Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley

There’s an intriguing herbal quality in this wine’s nose, prompting one to ponder whether it could actually be a Merlot in Pinot clothing. Cherry and strawberry flavors emerge in the mouth, but not with the brightness one would normally expect.... Read more

2009 Benziger Family Winery Chardonnay, Carneros

California’s Carneros region produces a lot of grapes that are earmarked for sparkling wine, and one could imagine this bottling in sparkling form, given its abundance of acidity. Although it was aged in oak barrels, it’s not overblown like so... Read more