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Long Island: It’s Not the Variety, But the Style That Counts

By Bob Johnson Part 1 of a 5-Part Series The first wine variety from Long Island to gain widespread attention was Merlot. More recently, some very well-made bottlings of Cabernet Franc have been turning heads. I found nice renditions of... Read more

NV Sparkling Pointe ‘Cuvee Carnaval,’ North Fork of Long Island

Is there someone in your life who will drink no sparkling wine other than Moscato? It’s time to introduce them to something a bit more, uh, sophisticated. This is a Chardonnay and Pinot Noir blend that also includes a splash of one other varietal:... Read more

2003 Sparkling Pointe ‘Brut Seduction,’ North Point of Long Island

At a little over 9 years of age, this blend of 51% Chardonnay and 49% Pinot Noir is now in its prime. It has a golden hue... a nose of toast, caramel, brioche and nuts... and refreshing fruit flavors of berries and apple. Uncork this beauty on a... Read more

2007 Sparkling Pointe Blanc de Blancs, North Fork of Long Island

This 100% Chardonnay sparkler pours with a big, frothy head. Beautifully balanced and possessing a floral aroma, it offers flavors of lemon zest and pear, leading to a refreshing finish. Clean, correct and creamy. MSRP: $42 (March 2013) Wine Lines... Read more

NV Sparkling Pointe Brut, North Fork of Long Island

Crafted in 2008 using 54% Chardonnay, 34% Pinot Noir and 12% “Reserve” wine, this bubbly has a fine, persistent mousse. Flavors of green apple, lemon and citrus refresh the palate, and the wine finishes with a nice toasty note. No wonder it’s... Read more