Two Hearty Soups for the Cold Winter Days

By Mary Frederiksen, AKA The Happy Cooker (Editor’s Note: This column was first published in the High Desert Wine Explorers Newsletter in October, 1999) While taking classes at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, California, I… Read more

The 2011 Bordeaux Vintage: No Additional Cellaring Necessary

By Bob Johnson Acclaimed wine critic Robert Parker, who tastes and assesses more wine than probably anyone, has called the 2011 vintage in Bordeaux “better than expected.” That’s not exactly glowing praise. On the other hand, it’s not… Read more

Clos du Val Wine Dinner at Marche Bacchus

Clos du Val Wine Dinner at Marche Bacchus

By Glen Frederiksen A quarter of a century ago, when I was just beginning my journey in the world of wine, I would spend many a long weekend traveling the roads of Napa and Sonoma counties, sopping up as many new wine experiences as my liver… Read more

Nectar of the Gods: Chateau St. Jean Dessert Wines

By Glen Frederiksen There was a time, around two decades ago, when the majority of Late Harvest dessert wines made in California simply didn’t stack up well alongside the dessert wines of the rest of the world. Labor intensive, difficult to… Read more

Riesling… Torrontes… and Riesling and Torrontes Together

Riesling and Torrontes aren’t on the radar of members of the “Nothing But Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay Club,” but they should be. We recently sampled three bottlings from the Hess Collection family of wineries — a varietal Riesling… Read more

Another visit to Michael’s at South Point

By Mary Frederiksen, AKA The Happy Cooker Earlier this month to celebrate my birthday, Glen made reservations for us at MICHAEL’S. I have written many reviews of this wonderful dining establishment and am very pleased to say that they are still… Read more

Malbec: The People’s Choice

By Glen Frederiksen One of the more interesting things about wine grapes is that each varietal has a specific microclimate that elevates it to its finest presentation. In Old World wine regions, grape growers had a few thousand years to figure… Read more

Update: 2 Luncheons and 18 Wines at Las Vegas’ Best Off-the-Strip Restaurant

Marché Bacchus is, in our opinion, the finest non-Strip restaurant in Las Vegas. And if we were to put together a “Top 10 Las Vegas Restaurants” list, it would include Marché Bacchus. That’s saying something in a city that has attracted… Read more

A Toast to Choices… of the Bubbly Variety

Champagne… Cava… Prosecco… sparkling wine by any name. This week, more bubbly will be sold than in any other single week all year, as folks prepare to welcome in the new year. It’s a good time to remind ourselves that not all sparkling… Read more

Napa Valley’s Rutherford Grill Revisited

Napa Valley's Rutherford Grill Revisited

By Mary Frederiksen I do not recall the first time we ate at the Rutherford Grill in Rutherford, California. I do remember that the first meal there was delicious, memorable and a delight. Enough so that, each and every time we are in the area,… Read more