Wine Lines Online is an extension of the syndicated Wine Lines column, written by Bob Johnson and featuring an array of wine reviews by Johnson and Glen Frederiksen.


The column first appeared in “alt. weeklies” such as the Sonoma County Independent and Ventura County Reporter. It was “wine writing with an attitude.” Later, it morphed into a more traditional wine column that appeared in the Food sections of daily newspapers — dropping the attitude, but always maintaining a sense of humor. “It has never been about snobbery,” Johnson explains. “It has always been about making wine more accessible and less intimidating to as many people as possible.”


A veteran journalist, Bob has earned more than 50 national writing awards over the course of his career. He’s a master storyteller who observes, “Every wine has a story; some are just more interesting than others.”


The retired licensed psychotherapist has one of the best palates on the planet, accompanied by a “photographic memory” for aromas, flavors and textures. Glen has been an international wine competition judge and organizer; a consumer wine club director; an organizer of wine tours, dinners and classes; publisher of a monthly wine newsletter, and also owned a retail wine shop with his wife…


Mary is a retired registered nurse and health care educator. Unlike the rest of the winos wine aficionados on this site, Mary’s passion is fine dining. Through the years, she has taken many courses in cookery at places such as the Culinary Institute of America in Napa. She has collected scores of cooking books, and has taught numerous classes in cooking. For more than a decade, she published a monthly column on food, The Happy Cooker. If the three guys here are the Yangs of wine, Mary is the Yin that can cook!


If he acted his age for once, he’d be carousing with 20-somethings at a local happy hour. Instead, the youngest member of the Wine Lines team is out to prove you can have a discriminating palate and still have your hair. From philosophy to bowling to lobbying to professional cooking, he has seen a bit of everything in his (rather brief) days. Frankly, with only one spot left to fill before we found Tom, we couldn’t have asked for less.


Wine Lines Online launched in May 2011 with nearly 300 wine reviews, archived from Wine Lines columns, High Desert Wine Explorers club newsletters, and personal tasting diaries. Additional archived reviews are being added all the time, along with current reviews of recent releases. The reviews are sortable in several ways, including wine type and rating.


This is the place to go for a capsule look at the latest reviews — both new and from the Wine Lines archives — to be added to the website.


A section devoted to wine travel, with each story, report or essay typically devoted to a specific growing area or region.


Bob’s blog on songs that are about wine, or mention wine in the title or lyrics. Updated regularly, and accompanied by an ever-growing master “playlist.” As they say on the radio, listener suggestions are encouraged.


Glen’s blog on the wining-and-dining scene in the gaming and entertainment capital of the world. If it has to do with vino and it happens in Las Vegas… it stays on Wine Lines Online.


Mary’s blog on food and cooking, often accompanied by recipes for tasty dishes — a vast majority of which are extremely wine-friendly.


Mr. Johnson might be against snobbery, but there’s no sin in living the high life — unless, of course, you’re actually drinking that beverage. To eat and to drink well — and, no doubt, to love along the way — would be a great man’s most remarkable achievement. Indeed, a dying breed at best: the epicurean with writerly tendencies. A bit flighty perhaps, a bit off the beaten path, a bit different each time. But that’s why you’ll keep coming back, because if nice guys finish last, terroirble ones finish first, right?


If a feature, essay or commentary doesn’t “fit” anywhere else, you’ll find it here — including many of Bob’s “Wine Lines” columns and Glen’s newsletter features.


Have a question about wine? Care to comment on a story or column? Email us at: winelinesonline@gmail.com

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