2013 Tongue Dancer Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast

A clear, translucent garnet hue. The nose is intriguing, alluring, and mysterious, throwing up scents of dried cherries, unripe strawberries, and dark tea leaves that waft in and out. Adding to the complexity are undertones of dark, fleshy fruits (figs? plums?). It is sleek and feminine on the palate, where it picks up savory elements, sweet paraffin, and clove spice from the oak barrels. It glides easily to a velvet-smooth finish. A lively acidity leaves a juicy impression. Winemaker James MacPhail is an unabashed Pinotphile who keeps upping his game with each new vintage. This new project, Tongue Dancer, aptly describes his approach to paying homage to his Pinot Noir muse.
MSRP: $45 (March 2016)
Wine Lines rating: 91

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