A Luxurious New Way to Experience Patz & Hall Wines

We’ve been telling you about the fine wines of Patz & Hall for years. In fact, P&H’s Hyde Vineyard Pinot Noir from the Carneros region of California’s North Coast was Wine Lines’ No. 1-rated wine two years running. 

There was only one “problem”: While Patz & Hall’s roots run deep in Sonoma County — home to several of the vineyards that supply the raw materials for its wines — its “Tasting Salon” was located in Napa — in a corporate park, no less. It was a bit of a disconnect — even though the wines were stellar.

The new Patz & Hall Tasting Salon, not far from the Sonoma Plaza.

The new Patz & Hall Tasting Salon, not far from the Sonoma Plaza.

Now, that disconnect has been… well… disconnected. A few miles south of the historic Sonoma Plaza, Patz & Hall has opened Sonoma House, featuring a drop-in tasting bar as well as a luxurious, by-appointment-only Tasting Salon. And when the weather is nice — which is most of the year — guests can lounge on a patio and soak in views of the estate vineyard and nearby mountains.

“When we started out over 25 years ago, we used to entertain everyone out of our homes,” recalls founding partner Donald Patz. “We spent a lot of time making friends and building lasting relationships. This is an extension of that original approach, but in a great new home.”


A look inside the Tasting Salon.

A look inside the Tasting Salon.

As Sonoma House was under construction, the Patz & Hall team chronicled the progress in a blog, which you can read here.

To learn more about Patz & Hall wines, the new Sonoma House, and the various tasting opportunities, click here.

And to read our archived reviews of Patz & Hall wines, click here. 

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