NV Macari Vineyards ‘Collina 48’ Merlot, North Fork of Long Island

When you have dinner leftovers, you might save them for a soup, a stew or sandwiches the next day. But what if you have wine leftovers after putting together your various blends? If you’re Macari Vineyards, you use them to make a value-priced wine called “Collina,” and you may even tap multiple vintages in order to provide as much drinking pleasure as possible. The “Collina 48” is mostly Merlot, along with three other varieties representing three vintages — 2006 through 2008. The finished product has a surprisingly big mouthfeel, plenty of juicy fruit flavor, and a smooth finish. It’s a lot of wine for not a lot of money.
MSRP: $13 (March 2013)
Wine Lines rating: 88

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