It’s About More Than the ‘Numbers’

When putting together the list of Wine Lines Online’s Top 10 Wines of 2012, we considered the scores awarded to wines during our review process throughout the year. But that was just the beginning of the process.

Any such list is highly subjective, of course, and so it is with this one. Beyond the scores, we were looking for wines that “spoke to us” when we sampled them. Was there something unique or unusual about them? Did they come from a surprising source? Did they represent good value?

We shied away from the “cult wines” that are virtually impossible to obtain, and instead selected bottlings that have been widely available in the marketplace. Be aware that some may have moved on to a more recent vintage, so be sure to note the year shown in our reviews when putting together your shopping list.

Paring a list of hundreds of reviews down to a mere 10 was a daunting task, but ultimately we were able to do it. And over a two-week period, we’ll share our list with you, countdown-style.

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