A Wine Lines Thanksgiving Day Feast: Our Eclectic Menu

The countdown to Thanksgiving is officially under way now that Wine Lines has kicked off its series of blogs featuring unique recipes, wine pairing suggestions and lots more (http://winelinesonline.com/2012/11/countdown-to-turkey-day-recipes-wine-pairing-tips-and-more/).

Our own Tom Madrecki has put together a wonderful menu for the big day, and he’ll be posting the recipes over the next several days — beginning tomorrow, in fact.

Today, let’s take a look at what Tom has in store…

• Homemade bread and butter
• House-cured salmon
• Local cheeses
• Oysters with celery-juniper granite

(Each Cooked Separately)
• Grilled broccoli with lime
• Turnips slow cooked in butter
• Whole-roasted Vidalia onions
• Confit tomatoes
• Pan-fried porcini
• Duck-fat sweet potatoes and brown sugar caramel

• Roast turkey with mushroom gravy and curry

• Buttermilk pie and ginger sorbet
• Roasted beets, cranberry granite, blueberries and herbs

Look for Tom’s first few recipes tomorrow!

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