Looking for a Bottle of Wine to Enjoy This Weekend? Look Beyond the Home Page!

We are truly humbled by the number of people who visit Wine Lines Online regularly to read our… uh… irreverent blogs and latest wine reviews. Thank you so much!

We put so much on our home page that it’s easy to miss some of the posts that are “inside.” So if you’re looking for a bottle of wine to enjoy with tonight’s dinner, or perhaps to take along on a weekend picnic, be sure to check out the Reviews tab, then click on “All Reviews.” That will take you to our latest reviews, and provide plenty of ideas for your wine shopping list.

For instance, among the more recent posts, you’ll find a review of a wonderful Vouvray that’s worth cellaring, a bargain dessert wine from a California dessert wine specialist, another of Glen’s quickly-becoming-famous wine steals in Las Vegas, numerous Malbec reviews, new postings from the Wine Lines review archives and much more.

Here’s a handy-dandy link to Wine Lines Online’s latest reviews: http://winelinesonline.com/category/reviews/

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